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The Greater Española Valley Community Development Corporation (GEVCDC) was founded in March 2000 when a group of individuals representing private business establishments and public governmental and other organizations came together to approve the formation of this coalition dedicated to the furtherance of the quality of life in Rio Arriba County and the Española Valley, based on principles that are outlined in this plan.

These community leaders shared a sense that change was needed and it was possible to do something about community problems. They were willing to share their information, knowledge, imagination, and vision for the betterment of the community. They understood that a CDC can leverage both public and private dollars to create a more viable community, that attends to both personal as well as community needs. They set out to determine key issues of concern and find people willing to work out solutions. They wanted a CDC for the following reasons:

  • The strengthen the community as a place to live, work, and do business.

  • To provide a process by which elements in the community are coordinated so that channels of cooperation and communication are opened.

  • To provide the community with an organization and mechanism for assuring resident involvement in economic, physical, and social development. The higher the quality of education, the better skilled the labor force, the more choices there are. The more economic freedom, the higher the quality of life.

  • To provide the capacity and geographic scope to undertake comprehensive development activities. With more development, comes more development, comes more choices,and with more choices there is greater economic freedom.

  • To create a sense of unity, common identity, and responsibility within the community.

The body present at a meeting on March 24, 2000 adopted the following statements of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals for the new organization.  This plan is the product of several meetings of a Steering Committee which formulated these statements on behalf of the GEVCDC.

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